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Jerry Brown has a sound argument

Frink addresses the key legal conflict:

California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s Prop. 8 argument appears to me to be well-grounded and prudent.

Submitted to a Candid World observes that the California Supreme Court has ruled several times that wholesale modifications of the constitutional structure cannot be accomplished by referendum.

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Rick Warren is progress for all

This is no time to scoff at liberal/progressive uproar over President-elect Barak Obama’s selection of Rick Warren for the Inaugural Invocation.

It is instead important to acknowledge the degree to which Pastor Warren is a bridge between contradictory views.

He embraces civil unions, approval of which helped cost Richard Cizik his job as Washington lobbyist for the National Association of Evangelicals.

That isn’t exactly a meeting of right and left, but it is a great deal farther than James Dobson, Richard Land and others on the religious right are willing to go.

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