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Ministerial holiday stress, resignation/firing?

Merry you’re fired and a very happy and prosperous new I quit.

How often do pastors leave not only the church where they’re employed but also the ministry, either because they want to or because they must and can’t get another job in their field?

According to SonScape Retreats, which specializes in helping vocational ministers, life pressures “drive 1,600 shepherds out of the ministry every month.”

They go on to say:

That’s 19,000 pastors each year – not including the missionaries and specialized ministers who add the pressures of crossing cultures and raising funds to the mix.

The intense combination of a frenetic Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years church activity schedule and church members facing holiday crisis can drain the most skilled and resourceful of ministers.

Reflect on it, and your credulity may not be strained by the report that, every Monday morning, 40% of all ministers consider changing professions.


December 31, 2008 - Posted by | Science

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