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Right hits Utah Gov. Huntsman after he endorses same-sex civil unions

Endorsement of same-sex civil unions by republican Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman brought the right side of the political roof down on him this week.

Among those legislators and conservative group leaders who spoke against Huntsman this week was Utah Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka. She said:



We are against civil unions, and we are disappointed that he said he supported civil unions, and we want the people to know that the legislature doesn’t agree with the Governor, and that civil unions is a synonym for marriage, and that if they were to pass it, it would be in violation of our very law in this state.

There with her were representatives of the thirty-legislator Utah Coalition for Traditional Families, protesters wore T-shirts that read “homosexuals are anti-species” and assorted others

Huntsman’s stand has provoked strong reactions all around. With the weight of reactions reportedly falling in the governor’s favor.

Unlikely to get his views legislated in Utah, Huntsman’s action puzzles most observers, although some see it as an example of pure leadership by a Mormon who has chosen to contradict prevailing public opinion in his home state.

February 13, 2009 - Posted by | Law, Politics

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