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Dobson’s resignation means turblent waters left and right

Ethics Daily editor Robert Parham writes of James Dobson’s decision to step down as chairman of the board of Focus on the Family:

Conservative Christians are no doubt concerned about the future of their movement. They have witnessed a seismic shift away from the founding fathers of the Christian Right. Jerry Falwell died almost two years ago. Adrian Rogers, the three-term president of the Southern Baptist Convention, died in 2005. Jerry Vines and Paige Patterson, two other SBC presidents, have diminished influence. Pat Robertson, Chuck Colson and Tim LaHaye have become shells of their former selves.

[ . . . ] the left would make a mistake to misread [James] Dobson’s decision as a shift among evangelical and conservative Christians away from their core issues. Some commentators with little real connectivity continue the lame claim that younger evangelicals are broadening the moral agenda and lessening their support for the old loyalties. Don’t believe it.

There will, however, be a period of uncertainty and struggle as the right settles its leadership issue and the left finds new fund-raising demons.

Read the rest of Parham’s post here.


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