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Should we be bowling with Barack? Or let it go?

One from-the-beginning Obama supporter says the passing Tonight Show slight of Special Olympians requires a passing, personal apology.

Yes? Real repentance.

Or is he making too much about to little?

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French Catholics want church abortion/contraception policy changed

More than 80% of French Catholics want church policy on abortion/contraception changed, according to a poll published Sunday by France’s Le Journal du Dimanche

Conducted by telephone on Thursday and Friday, after Pope Benedict XVI set off a firestorm of protest by denying the usefulness of condoms in preventing AIDS infection, the poll of a national sample of 620 Catholics also found almost half believe Benedict does a bad job defending Catholicism. A separate poll for Le Parisien found that 57 percent had an unfavorable opinion of Benedict.

An after-the-fact rewrite of the Pope’s condom comments for the official record did not add to his stature. Although the change did effectively concede that the weight of expert and general public opinion is not with him.

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Your church, Nicholas Hughes and the mentally ill

Nicholas Hughes, son of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, is gone by his own hand.

What might your church have done for him? Churches are often a poor refuge for the mentally ill. What is your church doing for the mentally ill, whether suicidal or not, now?

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Saving African children from witchcraft

Pope Benedict XVI’s stand in Angola against witchcraft promises life to imperiled children on a content where belief that it is real and demonic frequently results in the torture of children.

The National Catholic Reporter said:

In Angola, children suffering from diseases such as malaria and AIDS, or street children, are sometimes accused of practicing witchcraft and subjected to abuse. In 2006, a three-year-old HIV-positive child was suspected of placing a curse on his parents, so neighbors abandoned the child in a coop, where chickens pecked out one of his eyes. Between 2001 and 2005, 423 children accused of witchcraft sought refuge at the Santa Child Centre run by the Catholic Church in M’banza Congo, the capital of Zaire Province, on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The problem is pervasive, well-documented and horrific, as the New York Times reported:

In parts of Angola, Congo and the Congo Republic, thousands of children are accused of witchcraft and are cast out of their homes, blinded or killed . . . The latest human rights report for Angola by the United States State Department says that children accused of witchcraft suffer abuses such as “the denial of food and water, or ritualistic cuttings and the placing of various caustic oils or peppers on their eyes or ears.”

Speaking to 1,500 Angolan clergy and laypeople at Luanda’s Sao Paulo church, Pope Benedict XVI placed the Catholic Church in peaceful but implacable opposition to the blight, urging all to “offer the message of Christ to the many who live in the fear of spirits, of evil powers.”

If somewhat besieged for other reasons, the Pope struck exactly the right note on this one.


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