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Prophetable blogversation about the Anti-Christ

John D. Pierce at Baptists Today Blogs writes:

Someone at has revealed the staggering news that (drum roll, please) President Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.

Unless it was an earlier president?

For his part, Pierce goes on to say:

My professors through the years explained that biblical prophecy is more about speaking truth to a current situation that predicting future events. Less crystal ball, more course-correction warnings.

We feel the entire piece is worth your time. Read it here.

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Let us talk together of hate, and the end of it

The Anatomy of Hate is a film which is intended to help us better understand one another, to talk together of our differences and so turn away conflict.

CNN describes it as a “filmmaking odyssey [whose creation] took” filmmaker Mike Ramsdell on a six-year journey “to the white supremacist movement, to Christian fundamentalists with an anti-gay agenda and across the globe to the Middle East. There he spent time with Muslim extremists, Palestinians fighting the Intifada, Israeli settlers and soldiers and with American troops serving in Iraq.”

Ramsdell says he wanted to know why we hate:

What I found was, for me, life changing. There was no boogieman, no devil, nor any single person or group of evil at the center of all this violence, war, and hate. Instead I found a planet full of creatures doing their best to fill the void of existence with limited psychological tools, and emotional shortcomings – myself included. And instead of embracing these shortcomings and using them as empathetic links to our fellow men, I discovered that our psyche turns them into mythological monsters that we can project onto others, declaring those ‘others’ as inferior, evil, or deserving of death.

The CNN story is here.

Clips from the film are here

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