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Network neutrality and believers

Religious Right blog storms and evangelical online social networking could come unpredictably and irrevocably to nothing if network neutrality died, and under the eight-year reign of the Bush administration, network neutrality was dying.

This morning Federal Communications Commission chief Julius Genachowski in a speech at the Brookings Institution said the FCC must be a “smart cop on the beat,” preserving Net Neutrality against increased efforts by providers to block services and applications over both wired and wireless connections.

It is in effect a fight for freedom of the 21st Century press, one in which we are all invited to participate, as he explained:

We have witnessed certain broadband providers unilaterally block access to VoIP applications (phone calls delivered over data networks) and implement technical measures that degrade the performance of peer-to-peer software distributing lawful content. We have even seen at least one service provider deny users access to political content.

It is and should be largely invisible that the underlying network architecture of the Internet makes possible ready access to all manner of online publishing.

As long as and only as long as the principles of network neutrality re sustained.

You can have sustained 21st Century freedom of online speech and press, if you can keep it in the face of the armies of loggyists deployed at a cost of millions of dollars in an attempt to eliminate network neutrality.

The FCC invites your participation in the process of shaping and sustaining network neutrality at


September 21, 2009 - Posted by | Law, Religion, Science, WWW

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