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Whither straight GCR answers?

Southern Baptist Convention President Johnny Hunt thinks state baptist newspaper stories about North American Mission Board/International Mission Board merger are “ludicrous.”

Meanwhile Ronnie Floyd, the chairman of the Great Commission Resurgence task force. is feeding that ludicrous fire.

Floyd reportedly told the Florida Baptist Witness three times in a recent email interview:

. . . the search committees of the respective entities should be “very prayerful and watchful of the work of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force” when asked if the GCR Task Force may be considering recommendations that could alter the structure of those entities.

Now what do you suppose he meant by “alter the structure” of the NAMB and/or IMB?

Clarification was sought by the Baptist Witness. Asked to if the retirement announcements of Jerry Rankin (IMB) and Morris Chapman (CEO of the SBC Executive Committee), and the forced resignation of Geoff Hammond (NAMB) indicated a restructuring, Floyd said:

“These developments have clarified that God is doing something among us and we need to be intentional on finding out what He is doing and joining Him in it.”


Still needed: straight GCR answers.


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