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Birthermercial bumpersticker with help from

Send faxes and get a birthermercial bumper sticker for just $30 (Call now: Supplies are limited?). Let Bill Keller and Gary Kreep mislead you (Baptist Center for Ethics, PolitiFact 1 & 2, FactCheck 1 & 2,Wikipedia) with musically attended claims that this is a legitimate debate. Just watch the new ad full of dramatic rehashes of claims about where Obama was born. TPM reports that it’s running in seven Southern states.

The infomercial is hosted by Keller, a Liberty University educated fundamentalist minister who served “nearly three years in prison” for insider trading and whose produced the ad. Keller explains that was “founded for the sole purpose of having a site on the internet where people can go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for prayer.” although the site has become complex and is decorated with, for example, a photoshopped image of Obama with Hitler. A copy of the birthermercial is also hosted there.

Keller interviews Kreep, who not only heads the birther organization U.S. Justice Foundation but also sponsors Defend Glenn (Beck), is attorney for Obama death pastor Wiley Drake and has been general counsel for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

Both are wonderfully certain of themselves. Although in a recent ruling on one of the court actions filed with regard to this matter. U.S. District Judge Clay Land said that, “Unlike in ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ simply saying something is so does not make it so.”

Below is the introduction to the 28-minute ad:


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