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Regarding ‘International Blasphemy Day’

Atheist Paul Zachary “PZ” Myers saw in Blasphemy Day International 2009 the opportunity to live his unfaith and make a point, while Al Mohler saw the opportunity to live his faith and make some converts.

Blasphemy Day is at its core a protest against the U.N. Resolution 62/154 on “Combating defamation of religions,” which Mohler also finds offensive.

The Blasphemy Day Facebook page says:

The UN, rather than standing up for free speech, has given in to pressure from Islamic nations and has proposed a resolution to essentially ban criticism of religion. In its pursuit of “tolerance” for religion, this resolution wants to strip everyone, everywhere, of their freedom, even their obligation, to criticize what they oppose. Unlike one’s political affiliation or favorite sports team, religion demands – and has been granted – unique immunity from criticism since its very inception. Labeling anything deemed critical “blasphemy”, religions have effectively defined the boundaries for what can and can’t be said about them. We propose we knock down this barrier and break this spell.

As Mohler wrote in his April 17 blog:

This United Nations Human Rights Council resolution offends Peter Singer, and it offends me as well. The United Nations has no right protect adherents of any religious belief system from being offended. It should expend its energies defending the religious liberty of all persons everywhere. That policy would put the offense where it belongs.

Bruce Prescott at Mainstream Baptist, who has no truck with either Mohler or the likes of Myers, wrote on April 17:

Defaming Islam is rude and insensitive and is a faux paux for which many Southern Baptists are guilty, but it certainly should not be criminalized.

At their best, both Christianity and Islam recognize that open inquiry permitting honest critique is central to the search for truth.

If there is any blasphemy here on Sept. 30, it will be accidental and we expect you to hold us to account for it, but opposition to U.N. Resolution 62/154 is just.


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