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Lie to me (my parents did)

An adult survivor of childhood abuse responds to Lying as parenting. He begins gently by way of reference to a Fox television show:

For adults molested as children by a trusted caregiver, the attraction of Lie to Me is a promise:

There is someone to tell who will recognize your truth as you tell it and believe you, no matter how innately horrific the details of the account. Because the endless refrain of the molesting caregiver is “No one will ever believe you,” sung and hummed while they apply all of their power as trusted adults to ensuring that you are not believed. Like killer whales playing toss with baby seals before eating them, they’re doing what is for them entirely natural. … [so you can see that] … for adults molested as children by a trusted caregiver, scientific findings that most parents lie to their children for purposes of their own and without apparent remorse, aren’t news.

Read on. It’s brief and it’s here.


September 29, 2009 - Posted by | Crime, Cultural, Health

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