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The ‘Hear our prayer …’ calumny

Searching twitter we find the blasphemously doctored version of the video below is still being promoted as somehow “true.” That despite having been addressed by Media Matters and a page-leading link at the conservative Catholic site

Mollie Wilson O’Reilly explains at dotCommonweal:

Did you hear the one about the “Religious Left praying to Obama”? I hope not. Here’s the embarrassing story: a video clip of a pro-universal-health-care prayer service, originally posted on the Gamaliel Foundation web site but appropriated, “captioned,” and distributed by the obviously trustworthy Naked Emperor News and on, caused a stir on right-wing blogs yesterday because it reportedly showed liberals chanting the petition, “Hear our cry, Obama.”

Here is the undoctored version:

Some who posted the doctored version did not make forthright corrections when the error was pointed out. For example, Crunchy Con (Rod Dreher) apologized but as O’Reilly observed, still mumbled “I’m pretty sure at least some of those people are saying ‘Obama.’”

Nope. All who believed the “Obama” version were had. When they realize that, they’ll almost inevitably consider the source.


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