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Laid off Baptist surprises

Laid-off nonprofit employees are not eligible for unemployment insurance and there are sometimes other unpleasant surprises, very much like the worst stories from the private sector.

There are those who just before, during or after their piece of butter-icing cake at the fond farewell party learn that the severance package which awaited just one more approval was approximately one day’s pay.

That day, actually.

Or trusting a good Southern Baptist organization to be fully Christian he/she (each, actually) fails to quite finish exit negotiations with every issue settled and stipulated in writing. Left, they may have believed, not quite hanging are the medical benefits. Which on or about the last day of eligibility as employees they learn, will not walk hand-in-hand with the salary settlement.

Private, for-profit insurance companies are, you see, not alone in finding last-minute reasons to deny benefits, and having heard and verified stories like those, we have become very curious about how often such things occur on BaptistPlanet.

Thus far we haven’t heard of anyone who was burned at the stake as part of their severance package, but such former employees are notorious for failing to write thank-you notes and answer emails.


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