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One brave entry lost, and others, with the N.C. Editors Journal

The first editor of a state Southern Baptist newspaper to publish a blog as part of his publication was Tony Cartledge of the North Carolina Biblical Recorder.

He called it The Editor’s Journal [nonworking link] and supported an associated community of bloggers aptly termed “BRBlogs,” whose members included the late W.W. Finlator and a woman named Rosemary Yelton, who wrote one brave, eloquent entry on Nov. 15, 2006.

She gently upbraided the North Carolina Baptist State Convention for “action regarding gay-friendly churches.” It was one of a series of actions which included expelling Finlator’s Pullen Memorial Baptist Church for the congregation’s “unqualified acceptance of homosexual Christians and their full participation in the life and work of the church”

Yelton reflected on Donald Miller’s use of a confessional both on campus, “not so accept others’ confessions of previous sins, but to apologize for our actions (current and historical) as Christians … . She then wrote in a post that save for quotation here apparently no longer exists anywhere on the Web:

From my own confessional booth I would like to say to all of you that this news from the Baptist convention is going to upset, anger or turn off … I’m sorry. I’m sorry that we Baptists feel the need to separate ourselves from the very one we should love.

Neither Ms. Yelton’s post nor Finlator’s entries nor the work of Cartledge there in that blog space are available on the Web because in its more recent site redesign, the Biblical Recorder abandoned all of that blog’s prior content, apparently consigning that and other pioneering work there to oblivion.


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  1. Thanks for resurrecting this moving part of Yelton’s post.

    Comment by Christa Brown | October 5, 2009

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