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Richard Land plowed down for sexual predator double standard

Christa writes:

So I listened in wonder as [President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention Richard] Land seemed to express such outrage over “Hollywood elites.” [with regard to Roman Polanski] Where was his voice of outrage about the Southern Baptist minister who repeatedly molested and raped me when I was an underage church-girl? Where was his outrage about the music minister who knew about it, then and now, and called it “consensual”? Where was his outrage about Texas Baptist officials who put my perpetrator’s name in a secret file of “known offenders,” but then kept quiet about it while the man continued to work in children’s ministry? Where was his outrage about the 18 Baptist leaders who were informed about my substantiated report of clergy abuse and did nothing?

Like most other high officials of the Southern Baptist Convention and its bureaucratic appendages, nowhere in sight, then or now.

As Christa explains in detail that we recommend to you at Stop Baptist Predators.


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