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Harvey arrested amid mounting IMB-spawned wreckage [Addendum: Costs]

Benton Gray Harvey

Remember that a massive Alabama insurance fraud might have been prevented had the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention pursued criminal charges against Benton Gray Harvey, who was arrested recently by federal authorities. But the Mission Board settled for a judgment ordering Benton Gray Harvey to repay, didn’t let the world know about the judgment and didn’t enforce it.

Former Mission Board trustee Wade Burleson fought the decision to not prosecute Gray Harvey, as he explained in his blog.

Burleson came to the board after the decision and says that as a result he did not take the oath of secrecy to which other board members bound themselves in the case.

Burleson reviewed the issue this week, detailing the subsequent additional human wreckage occasioned by the IMB decision.

Some measure of IMB restitution seems appropriate to us now, as it did in 2008.

Addendum: Costs

After he left the IMB, Harvey was hired by Pamela Wynona Schoen’s Starfish Insurance Agency of Gulf Shores, Alabama, who has spent $450,000 making restitution, according to Insurance Journal, and was fined $36,000. If she meets the deadline for payment of the fine and implementation of changes in the way the firm is operated, she will retain her state insurance sales license.


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