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Crazy journalism about God and Obama [Addenda I & II]

Dr. Francis Collins is head of the National Institutes of Health, an evangelical Christian and what, exactly? As a result of his expressed religious faith, seen as suffering from “mild dementia,” says the New York Times.

Just when we thought some branches of ecclesiastical journalism had forever forfeited any right to be called “journalism,” a New York Times story underbids them.

The ecclesiastical press has a chance today to fall below any mainstream standard, however. It will be interesting today to see which branches and twigs of the ecclesiastical journalism tree even flirt with a fair and balanced treatment of President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

For example, had immediate past President Bush won, there would have been jig-dancing among Southern Baptist publications and news services, with SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission chief Richard Land as king of the ball.

Whereas today, there are likely to be mutterings about “personality cults” from scholars who should and in fact do know better. Nor is it likely to stop stop at muttering. With top bloggers leading the way this morning with undignified mockery [declaring they first thought the announcement a story from The Onion], things are likely to get downright nasty out where the Religious Right blooms.

We’ll see. Perhaps our friends will surprise us, although they have not done so since this blog’s first post.

Addendum I: Right goes nuts over Nobel

Or as Mark Silk puts it, “the apotheosis of Obama Derangement Syndrome.”

Addendum II

Is it news that Mike Huckabee is confused? The Huckster asserted in a statement today that “the left” must explain Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Dear Mike, the Noble Peace Prize is awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Norway, a nonpartisan group which speaks for itself.


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