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Bearing Nobel disappointments

Hillary Rodham Clinton must be silently disappointed at being only the third woman secretary of state not to receive a Nobel Peace Prize during her first year of service.

Joe Biden has to be silently grieving his fate as “the first beardless Democratic vice president of this century to not win the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Richard Land pitched a fit, however. The head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said Oct. 10 on his radio program, “I think the Nobel Prize committee is trying to lobby this president to pull him in an even more left-wing direction by giving him the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Was Land disappointed that the Nobel Committee passed on an opportunity to give the award to a third Southern Baptist? (Counting Jimmy Carter, who when named still hadn’t split with the SBC.) Or disoriented from his Florida venture into reality denial? Certainly he was not speaking ex cathedra as he did in 2006 when declaring Southern Baptist support for then-President G.W. Bush.


October 13, 2009 - Posted by | Obama, Religion, SBC

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