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Notre Dame quietly reappoints Fr. Jenkins [Addendum: MSM stories?]

The Notre Dame/Obama uproar helped marginalize the Catholic Right, polling data showed at the time. Yet failure of that broadly unsupported exercise in wedge politics has not chastened the right, which can be expected to greet without applause the Rev. John I. Jenkins reappointment Friday as Notre Dame chancellor.

Commenters like Joseph Lawler at the American Spectator have persistently attempted to recover by arguing that Obama’s appearance and acceptance of an honorary degree at commencement was a “debacle” or “fail” for Notre Dame rather than for the political right.

Undeterred, Fr. Jenkins followed the commencement with launch of several campus pro-life initiatives and attendance of the the March for Life in Washington D.C. He has simultaneously been firm in his resistance to pressure to drop trespass charges associated with the commencement protests.

The broad debate continues, as was evident in the mixed reaction to Senator Edward Kenndy’s passing. Fr. Jenkins’ reappointment suggests that simple shrill persistence on the right is persistently unproductive.

Addendum: Get Religion wants to know

Where is the mainstream press mainstream coverage of this important, symbolic win on the left? Don’t be shy, and tmatt isn’t the only one who wants an answer.


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