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Oklahoma religious groups support health-care reform

Speaking for Mainstream Oklahoma Baptist, Bruce Prescott said at the Oklahoma Conference of Churches’ state capitol press conference in support of health-care reform:

I am a Baptist minister and I am here to speak on behalf of the many Baptists who expect our elected leaders to assure that healthcare is accessible, affordable, accountable, and inclusive of all persons.

I am also here to apologize for the heartlessness and indifference of the many Baptists and other Christians who appear to identify more with the priest and the Levite than with the Samaritan in the parable of the good Samaritan.

That’s an unaccindental contradiction of the apparent position of the Oklahoma Baptist Messenger, which has featured the strident health reform opposition of Kelly Boggs, and of the Southern Baptist Convention, represented of late by the Nazi-baiting of Richard Land.

At Tuesday’s press conference sponsored by the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, 14 Christian denominations, the B’Hai and Islam came together at the to urge passage of health reform.

Prescott also said:

Our first question ought not to be who sinned that this person is poor and uninsured. Our first question ought to be what can I do to help?


October 21, 2009 - Posted by | Health, Medical Care, SBC

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