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Wednesday link farm

  1. The will be a trickle of Anglicans in response to the Pope’s initiative, not a flood, suggests Commonweal’s David Gibson. Muted response is predicted for England, North America and Africa, according to Rachel Donadio and Laurie Goodstein the New York Times.
  2. Tony warns that in North Carolina, gambling is making inroads via the ruse of sweepstakes outlets.
  3. Baptist Press reports that the gay hate crimes bill awaits senate vote, and repeats without correction several myths, including the canard that religious liberty is somehow at stake. Fact Checks: 1, 2, 3
  4. BBC reports that in India Muslim widows were beaten as witches. Yesterday the Los Angeles Times reported that Christian children are still being put to death after being labled witches by their pastors.
  5. Christa explains why the Southern Baptist Convention approach to sexually predatory clergy makes ‘Jesus want to vomit.’

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