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Health reform abortion complexities [Addendum]

While Steven Ertelt of argues that there is a single-shot, pro-abortion health care reform bill before the U.S. House of Representatives, the situation is actually so complex that Ezra Klein of the Washington Post offers a guide to public option compromises.

With regard to abortion alone, the matter is so complex and hotly debated that has an entire page devoted to Abortion statements.

Among House Democrats, the Associated Press reports, what the legislation means to abortion rights is a matter of debate. Clarifying matters, Catholic Anthony Stevens-Arroyo argues at On Faith in a painstaking analysis that the muddle of legislative opinions does not translate into support for “abortion on demand.”

The matter has been and remains, complex, nuanced, shifting.


Mark Silk explains how ant-abortion logic for opposing health-care reform would lead to support for abolition of Medicaid.

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