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One hate-crime answer for the fearful

What must I do to be prosecuted under the hate crime law after Obama signs the recently passed legislation?

The Q&A document [.pdf] developed by Third Way answers clearly by way of dealing with the most pervasive myth about the legislation:

Could a pastor be prosecuted for preaching that homosexuality is an abomination, or saying that gay people will go to hell?

No. Unless a person actually causes ‘bodily injury,’ or attempts to cause bodily injury by using a gun, bomb or dangerous weapons, they cannot be prosecuted under the proposed hate crimes bill. This bill is not about thinking or believing, but doing and harming. In fact, sine 1968 when a parallel federal hate crimes bill was passed, there has not been a single successful prosecution based on speech. There have also been none in the 45 states that have hate crimes laws.

The entire .pdf is worth downloading and reading. Just for the sake of clarity.


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  1. Better yet read the final product as it is signed into Law. I’ve read the House Bill that went to the Senate (HB 2647)and it has protections for clergy that are easy to understand. Land isn’t going to get very far with malarkey as an excuse for his positions or for his comments. The Christian thing to do would be to let him retire- right now.

    Comment by jack | October 24, 2009

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