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Miami bans Legionaries of Christ & Regnum Christi

Another archdiocese driven to solitary action. Archbishop Favalora of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami has banned Legionaries of Christ (LC) and Regnum Christi (RC).

Regnum Christi

Thomas Peters reports:

Sources close to the situation tell me that this decision took place on Wednesday of this week, and that it was prompted largely by the letters of parents concerned that their children were being approached by members of Regnum Christi without parental consent and knowledge. These episodes, it was claimed, had mostly taken place in an affluent Archdiocese of Miami parish and school.

The notice on the Archdiocese of Miami Web site said:


The Legionaries of Christ are prohibited from functioning in the Archdiocese of Miami. Furthermore, Regnum Christi – a group of lay Catholics related to the Legionaries of Christ – is not and has never been approved by Archbishop Favalora to work in any parish, school or other Archdiocesan entity.

Unauthorized attempts to recruit young people are a continuation of the cult-like behavior which is the hallmark of LC/DC. Related behaviors have led one U.S. archdiocese after another to ban or restrict LC and/or DC.

John Allen of the National Catholic Review and Peters of American Papist together suggest that nine of the U.S. 32 Roman Catholic archdioceses have either banned or restricted LC and/or RC.

They are:


Provinces and dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States

LC is the subject of an investigation, called an “apostolic visitation,” is being conducted by Basque Bishop Ricardo Blazquez in Spain and by Archbishop of Denver Charles Chaput in the United States. The order was founded by Marcial Maciel, who fathered several children, and it is clear that Legion of Christ superiors knew about the children at least 15 years ago. He also abused young seminarians over whom he had authority.

Vatican intervention was belated and reluctant although certainly appropriate. It is, however, so slow to action that archbishops are being driven, one-by-one, to individual measures. None of which will substitute, of course, for an overarching solution, like dissolution or refounding of LC/RC.



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  1. I asked God to allow me to serve Him somehow. Believe it or not it wasn’t easy for me to figure out how to serve God and be a devoted apostle in the Catholic church

    He led me to RC. I joined because I fell in love with FAMILIA training. It was the only formation I had recieved as a cradle Catholic that teaches the Cathechism, the Bible, Papal Encyclicals (which are spiritual poetry), and the importance of the role of motherhood.

    So what if the founder Maciel fell from grace? He won’t be the first or last. There is nothing in my life’s experience to make me think that people are perfect. My/our leader is Jesus and I’m wise enough to know that only He will never dissapoint me.

    Look for attacks against ALL conservative Christians to come hard and strong in these times. We need to support each other more than ever.

    Comment by Michelle | November 4, 2009

  2. Please do not reduce Catholics to the Legion and Regnum, or all Orthodox Catholics to the LC & RC,
    or all Conservative Christians/Catholics to the LC and RC.
    Such reductionism is very short sighted and narrow minded.
    Let us never forget how the Church cannot be reduced to one religious order, one Movement, or one spirituality.

    If some Catholics were less obsessed about doctrinal orthodoxy they would have a broader view of being Catholic and Christian and not reduce the 2 thousand year One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith to some particular brand to which one particular sector of rich white Conservative American Catholics are attracted.

    Comment by exLegionary | November 6, 2009

    • You injunction is apparently general. Lest someone misunderstand, however, we certainly don’t intend any such reduction and take care not to imply it.

      Comment by baptistplanet | November 7, 2009

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