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*poof* … CBN’s strange ‘evil candy’ story disappears

Counterfactual and theologically off the map, CBN’s story claiming “most” Halloween candy was bewitched in the worst way has, without benefit of a cloud of smoke, disappeared.

Thanks to Tommy Christopher at MediaIte, a Southern Baptist minister laid out the facts. Dr.Thomas Howe, Dean of Apologetics and Professor of Biblical Studies at the Southern Evangelical Seminary told Christopher that with regard to “time-release curses,” demon orgies, demonic candy and the like:

“None of (this is) considered main stream Christian beliefs. Beliefs in curses is occultic, not Christian. I am not aware of any evidence supporting any of these claims about Halloween, neither do I subscribe to the notion of a demonic trinity. This is not found anywhere in the Bible, and it is not a historic Christian doctrine.”



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