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Submissive Dorothy Patterson

Unsubmissive Dorothy Patterson? The wife of Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, dining with radical terrorist political leaders, Wade? Are you sure?

Oh my! Here it is:

… she’s been the guest of Yaser Arafat at a midnight banquet in Saddam Hussein’s palace guest house in Baghdad.

Now, someone’s going to explain in painstaking detail how that life history fits neatly with the rather patriarchal Danvers Statement to which Southwestern Theological Seminary recently subscribed. Because there has to be a pile of Southern Baptist Convention patriarchy hidden in this Dorothy story somewhere. Otherwise, there’s a glaring conflict of walk with talk here.

Hand me that shovel, will you?


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  1. Being the guest of Arafat is a ton different than being a guest of Hussein although it would be interesting to know who she represented and who got the expense vouchers.

    Comment by jack | November 2, 2009

  2. True, Jack. The quote is from her online biography and seems to us to be misfired self-promotion. As for whom she represented, indeed. And for what purpose, exactly?

    Comment by baptistplanet | November 2, 2009

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