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News: ‘No’ to religious defamation laws; SBC IMB cuts; Watching Lottie Moon; clerical abuse; Christian Coalition goes green; RI Bishop’s cheek unturned

More than 100 organizations, representing both religious (some Muslim) and secular organizations, have signed a petition against the proposed U.N. resolutions on the “defamation of religions” – resolutions which will tend to reduce religious freedom.

Close Gitmo now more than 40 senior leaders of major faith groups in the United States said to Congress in a letter.

Homeless for the holidays: UN investigator accuses U.S. of shameful neglect of the homeless.

SBC International Missions Board’s trustees are talking of cutting 600 jobs. The Baptist Press is a PR service, however, not news. The Southern Baptist Convention’s IMB has a history of serious problems with its numbers. “Inflation” and “fabrication” are the key words.

Lottie Moon goes book promo: The PR release says the nation’s watching Southern Baptists Lottie Moon offering. Associated Baptist Press ate it up, as though even a shred of evidence were offered. Nope. Just hyperventilating bullet points from The State of Church Giving through 2007: What Are Our Christian Billionaires Thinking–Or Are They? (19th edition: $34)

Baptist clerical abuse reported every two weeks in Texas: So warned the Baptist General Convention of Texas’ Phil Strickland a decade ago. He worked for the BGCT for “nearly 40 years” and knowing about those reports was part of his job. Christa explains.

Christian Coalition goes green: Once all about Bush Republican anti-environmentalism, they’ve joined forces with the National Wildlife Federation.

Feuding Bishop of Providence, RI, gives up turning the other cheek? It’s all about the politics of abortion. Mark Silk puts it in proper demographic perspective.


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