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From Sister Carrie to Belle de Jour


Dr. Magnanti

Persuading to our daughters that heroine Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga: New Moon isn’t someone “any young girl should aspire to be” may be far easier than dealing with Belle de Jour.

Billie Piper as Belle de Jour

Billie Piper as Belle de Jour. She meets Magnanti in 2010 in an ITV2 documentary, “Billie and the Call Girl Bare All.”

Bella’s boyfriend is a pathetic, nonexistent vampire. Bella doesn’t exist either, for that matter, no matter how hard twihards may wish.

Whereas Dr. Brooke Magnanti is “a respected specialist in developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology in a hospital research group in Bristol,” England. She proclaims herself to have worked as a prostitute, to have blogged it anonymously (until she “outed” herself) at Belle de Jour and to be the author of the bestselling books about her now not-so-secret life.

Sister Carrie was a scandal of a Theodore Dreiser novel because the heroine wasn’t punished for her indiscretions. Whereas Magnanti is a towering success. Her employer stands by her (What? You wanted her fired and maybe back on the street?).

She is of course unapologetic, but promises we’ll understand more after the ITV2 documentary. Of it she said:

This show will be the last word on what it was like to be Belle: how my sexuality was formed, how I came to the work, what it’s like to be portrayed on TV.

Viewers will get an exclusive look at the real woman who lived as Belle, actually becoming her one final time.

That’s going to help us with out daughters? We’ll think of something. Nothing simple, though. Life isn’t.


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