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Sweet Alabama Baptist hash tag & data desert

Alabama’s Southern Baptist state conventioneers seem to agree that #absc09 is the hash-tag du jour.

Please try it #absc09.

The resulting tweets are thus far cotton-candy sweet.

They suggest the most puddle-wonderful state convention, ever.

So you can’t tell what’s going on.

Except that it is so very, very nice, which probably means those filing the tweets are afraid to say anything informative.

The state Baptist newspaper there gives us a nice picture in which Southern Baptist Convention President Johnny Hunt appears to be killing a mosquito, with a few paragraphs and a note telling us to get the print edition. What to do. Buy a plane ticket?

Meanwhile, the state Baptist convention web server is overloaded or otherwise AWOL came back to life, without adding to what we know about the convention.


Our growing list of Discovered Baptist State Convention and Baptist-related twitter hashtags.


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