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Vatican may have first Legionaries/Regnum visitation report in hand

Legionaries of Christ

Investigators of the Legion of Christ (LC) and their lay organization, Regnum Christi (RC), were summoned to Rome in late October to give Benedict XVI a report on their investigation, according to the Spanish news agency eFe.

The investigation, called an “apostolic visitation,” is being conducted by Basque Bishop Ricardo Blazquez in Spain and by Archbishop of Denver Charles Chaput in the United States. It was provoked by the sexual and financial wrongdoings of RC founder Marcial Maciel and related events.

Translated, the eFe report says:

According to information provided to Efe by Legionary priests who are still within the religious congregation, but who disagree with the attitude of “secrecy” of their superiors, the apostolic visit is almost complete.

However, the visitors continue to work as some schools are lacking a visit, as in the case of Spain, and because there are still many people, especially the RC laity and consecrated persons, who have requested to be received by the visitors and give their testimony.

Apparently the Vatican was very interested in issues associated with taking control of the order’s assets, and with the willingness of LC members to obey Rome’s orders when action is taken:

[In addition to Maciel’s wrondoings] being investigated with emphasis are: “if the Legion’s constitutions correspond to those adopted at the time by the Holy See, on the financial issue and ownership of properties and facilities and, by express mandate of the Pope, in possible ‘coercion and control’ you bring back to consciousness of them in the consecrated members of the Legión,” sources told EFE.

Regnum Christi

The story portrays an organization whipsawed by distrust and dismay, awaiting action:

A Legionary priest, who occupies an important position in the LC and is still inside pending the decision of the Holy See at the end apostolic visit, summarized the situation to Efe:

“In the LC and RC at the moment there are three types of attitudes: those who still think that everything is false and that this is further proof that Christ calls us; those who have left and have gone out; and us who live with a tremendous frustration because of the secrecy of our superiors and are waiting on what the Pope decides and whether we convene a General Chapter.

“Everything that has been said is true,” says this priest, “and has been known to some LC superiors and to the Holy See for at least twenty years as acknowledged by the Vicar General, Luis Garza,pronounced at internal conferences this summer. ”

Apparently, eFe sources cast no light on exactly how the question of whether to dissolve, or refound LC/RC will be answered.

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