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Enough with the Psalms 109:8

Sick ? Maybe dangerous, and you can’t buy them from Psalms 109:8 designs from CafePress anymore.

Polite applause, y’all.

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Permitting discrimination in the name of religious freedom?

Bad solution to the wrong problem. So argues Peterr at FireDogLake:

Archbishop, if the government offers grants to provide housing for low-income people that have strings attached that you disagree with, such as prohibiting discrimination against certain family arrangements, don’t apply for the grant. It’s that simple. No one is holding a gun to your head, saying “take this money or else.”

This isn’t about religious freedom — it’s about churches asking for special rights: the right to legally discriminate in workplace practices and the right to legally discriminate in the delivery of publicly funded social services.

What are we missing here?

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