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Christa Brown draws the line

Commenting on charges alleging a Southern Baptist maga-church pastor molested a 14-year-old girl, Slick wrote:

It’s unfortunate that the person charged and his love interest couldn’t wait a couple of years.

Christa Brown responded

What was done to the 14-year-old in that Florida mega-church — and what was also done to me in a Baptist church — is something that doesn’t deserve the respect of even being considered “sexual,” much less “love.”

It’s not love. It’s hate.

And it doesn’t deserve to be called anything other than what it actually was.

Exactly. There was nothing worthy of being called romance. Even adult relationships between parishioners and their clergy aren’t romance, as earlier documented:

Dr. Gary Schoener, Executive Director of the Walk-In Counseling Center in Minneapolis which serves both offenders and victims of clergy sexual abuse, told the St. Petersberg Times that “17 states see even adult relationships with priests as a type of statutory rape. The victim can’t possibly consent because the power relationship so clouds the issue.”


Ted Haggard’s relationship with Grant Haas, who was barely of legal age, is a notorious recent example.

With teenagers and children, the force of the power relationship is multiplied.

No, rape isn’t romance.

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  1. It’s demeaning and intimidating when anyone mischaracterizes child sex crimes as anything but child sex crimes. . . words like “relationship” and “affair” and the like trivialize horrific degradation.

    David Clohessy, SNAP,

    Comment by david clohessy | December 4, 2009

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