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Puddle-wonderful, partial GC Resurgence report coming in February, maybe

Breathlessly optimistic Great Commission Resurgence task force chairman Ronnie Floyd said after the group’s Nov. 30-Dec. 1 meeting in Atlanta:

“We made great, enormous progress today,” Floyd told Baptist Press after adjourning the meeting. “We’re wrestling; we’re going through it. But the group has been great. Yesterday and today we ended with tremendous oneness, tremendous togetherness.”

. . .

Task force members engaged in “a lot of open dialogue” during their meeting, Floyd said.
“It was lively but never in the wrong spirit, by any means,” Floyd said. “It’s all about passion. There’s passion about touching this nation. We want to reach North America for Christ; we want to see the world come to Christ. We believe God has given us the commission – to our churches – and our convention’s role is to come alongside our churches to help them fulfill the Great Commission that was given to the churches. We want to see our convention serve our churches in a greater capacity, to help them do the commission Jesus has given them.”

The issues before the task force are serious but not a matter of “good versus bad,” Floyd added.

A substantial report, presumably one as rich in bafflegab as Floyd’s interview, is to be presented to the Feb. 22-23 Executive Committee meeting in Nashville. Maybe. Perhaps. Well, Floyd said that “Our goal would be to get what I would call the body of the report — the things that would require cooperation and understanding of why we are doing what we want to do and this is what we want to do and how do we get there.”

Thus it was written in the South Carolina Baptist Courier.

Oh, goody gumdrops?


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