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Scientology in Germany

Still in trouble in Germany, Scientology was the target of an official warning via a public kiosk early this year that “the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf ‘expresses its opposition to the activities of the Scientology sect in this district and in Berlin, and hopes that responsible parties in Berlin will watch the Scientology sect with a critical eye in the near future, and that any new information will be made public.'”

In 2007 a German court ruled that ongoing surveillance by the government there was merited.

Neither a religion nor an ideology under a German Federal Labor Court ruling, the six-story, 43,000 square foot center “in the upscale western Berlin district of Charlottenburg” was found in 2007 to be subject to Sunday closing laws.

Ursula Caberta, who heads a working group that studies Scientology in the Hamburg senate, told Der Tagesspiegel that it was one of several new centers [London, Madrid, Brussels] which are part of a campaign to “‘scientologize’ Europe once and for all. They want to influence politics. We have to take that very seriously.”

According to Speigel.Online:

The Church of Scientology is a controversial organization in Germany, and is regarded as dangerous by the federal government. It is one of the organizations currently being monitored by Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the country’s domestic intelligence agency, which also keeps an eye on neo-Nazis, left-wing extremists and Islamist terrorists.

“There is substantial evidence that the Scientology Organization is involved in activities directed against the free democratic order,” the Office for the Protection of the Constitution warns in its most recent annual report.


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