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In greatest danger and least aware of it

A Gallup survey of 128 nations found that:

… a majority of the world’s adult population is aware of the climate change issue, but a substantial minority is not aware. Further, those who are aware are more likely to say climate change poses a serious threat to themselves and their families. Results vary by region and among each of the top five green house gas-emitting countries, underscoring the challenges leaders face in reaching a global climate agreement.

Digging into the data, Nate Silver found:

One of the unfortunate ironies of climate change is that its greatest medium-term impacts are liable to be on precisely those countries — especially poor countries in equatorial regions — which are the least empowered to do anything about it. Not only that, indeed, but according to a new Gallup survey of residents across 128 countries, many of the people in these locations may be literally unaware of the threat that global warming presents.

Contrarian uproar notwithstanding, it is as though they were standing in the middle of a railroad track, deaf, looking away from the onrushing locomotive. Can we stop it?


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