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Lie of the year award recipients (Sarah Palin, Richard Land, … )

Many are owed honorable mention below Sarah Palin on the PolitiFact Lie of the Year award trophy for elevating fictitious “death panels” to a topic of frenzied national debate.

Prominent among them is Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty chief Richard Land, who urged the self-destructive selection by the McCain presidential campaign of Ms. Palin as the vice presidential running mate.

Having helped give Ms. Palin prominence, Land promoted both the falsehood that health reform involves eugenics programs like those instituted in Nazi Germany and the “death panels” myth which is part of those claims.

After a Sept. 26 gathering of the Christian Coalition of Florida, at which he applied Nazi/Holocaust characterizations to Democratic leaders’ health care reform efforts, Land issued a pseudoapology. In an Oct. 14 letter to Anti-Defamation League (ADL) President Abraham H. Foxman, Land wrote:

It was never my intention to equate the Obama administration’s healthcare reform proposals with anything related to the Holocaust.

. . .

I deeply regret the reference to Dr. Josef Mengele. I was using hyperbole for effect and never intended to actually equate anyone in the Obama administration with Dr. Mengele. I will certainly refrain from making such references in the future. I apologize to everyone who found such references hurtful. Given the pain and suffering of so many Jewish and other victims of the Nazi regime, I will certainly seek to exercise far more care in my use of language in future discussions of the issues at stake in the healthcare debate.

Yet Land subsequently claimed in a broadly counterfactual Oct. 6 speech that the “Senate bill authored by Max Baucus, D.-Mont., reinstates the so-called ‘death panels,'”

Thus Land promoted “death panels” as a fact when a simple reference or two to would have permitted him to consign “death panels” to oblivion and with them his parade of other libels attributing to Democrats a move toward implementation of Nazi-like eugenics theories.

Straightforward self-correction appears to have escaped him and could be redemptive, without removing his name from any historian’s list of award recipients.

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SBC: “among the most tightly-knit, hierarchically functioning denominations”

Explore the myth of Southern Baptist local church autonomy.

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A Baptist woman in the pulpit

Put a Baptist woman in a pulpit this February for Martha Stearns Marshall Day of Preaching.

From the martyrdom Madelyn Wens to Lottie Moon censured [.pdf] by the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board and the disfellowshipping of First Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga., for calling Julie Pennington-Russell as senior pastor, Baptist women have been mistreated.

Southern Baptist “conservatives” throttled a growing and effective ministry by Southern Baptist women:

In 1964 Addie Davis became the first Southern Baptist woman ordained to the ministry. By the 1970’s hundreds of women were enrolled in ministerial degree programs at SBC seminaries. By the early 1990’s more than 1000 women had been ordained, more than 50 served as pastors in SBC churches, and others served as professors at Southern Baptist universities and seminaries.

Baptist Women In Ministry asks that Baptist churches devote one day with a women in the pulpit to correcting the accumulated damage and errors.


Middle East Evangelical Churches gemeral assembly unanimously calls for the ordination of women.

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