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SBC’s Richard Land is distraught about health reform

His Nazi libels and “death panels” prevarications failed to stop health reform, so Richard Land is sad.

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) chief is so sad and so busy (like Mike Huckabee) lamenting legislator support for health reform that he still doesn’t have time to say a word or two against Uganda’s gay genocide legislation.

Five conservative Republican House members understand the importance of taking a stand on that. Where is the ethics in Land’s silence?


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  1. Richard Land is ditraught about a lot of subjects but has yet to make an influence on a winning side. Health Care, Hate Crimes, D.C. Politics, Tom Courburn? How much did this cost the SBC i.e. the Southern Baptist Churchs.

    Comment by jack | December 28, 2009

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