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Scientology ‘announces’ dramatic growth(?)

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Never mind the dramatic exits, legal reversals, impending movie, investigations and media takedowns: Scientology announces the “biggest expansion” in its history.

Via PR Newswire it proclaims:

The Church of Scientology completed a $40 million restoration of one of its oldest landmark buildings in 2009 and inaugurated five major new Scientology buildings in Malmo, Dallas, Nashville, Rome and Washington, DC. Today, the Church of Scientology has expanded to more than 8,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups in 165 nations, doubling the number in the last five years. Current demand for L. Ron Hubbard’s books and lectures on Dianetics and Scientology has outstripped the last five decades combined, approaching 70 million distributed in the last two years. All the while, the Church’s ever growing humanitarian programs in the fields of anti-drug, human rights, morals education and disaster relief have positively impacted hundreds of millions of lives.

PR” = “Public Relations.” As in “self-promotion/Not news.”


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  1. There’s an interesting tale on DailyKOS about one such “landmark building” purchased by Scientology in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Apparently lying is not considered a sin in Scientology, but liars still don’t prosper when concerned citizens uncover them!,-Georgia

    Comment by imominous | December 23, 2009

  2. Unfortunately, the suit may not be a “laugh riot” if it is indeed pursued: … If pursued it is likely to be extraordinarily expensive for Sandy Springs — win or lose. Sad.

    Comment by baptistplanet | December 23, 2009

  3. The mere mention of a suit IS a “Laugh riot”. Over a 10 month period, NOT ONCE was at any time religion part of the equation. ALL 10 months of these Sandy Springs Ga meetings were recorded via video in there unedited entirety. The video’s speak for themselves.

    Religion was not mentioned in any of the hours of video, with the exception of scientology attorney Woodson Galloways veiled threats of a lawsuit for religious discrimination. A threat of a law suit does not mean a court will hear the case. That is to be determined by the sitting judge.

    Comment by Max Effect | December 23, 2009

    • Watch ten months of video?
      Is there a URL?
      Just for the record, we suspect that Scientology will not carry out the threat to sue and that if they do, we suspect they’ll lose. If they do sue, however, such suits tend to be costly for both sides and can take unexpected legal turns. Just the POV of a journalist with decades of experience following/analyzing zoning issues from inception through resolution in court. No reflection on anyone else.

      Comment by baptistplanet | January 5, 2010

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