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What does the Baptist Faith and Message say about the Pythagorean theorem?

The decision by Truett-McConnell College to become the first Baptist college to require its faculty to affirm the Southern Baptist Convention‘s Baptist Faith and Message is troubling.

The decision keeps alive a 30-year war that has scarred the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. The casualties from the battles are numerous.

International missionaries have been fired or forced to resign.

North American missionaries were made to resign or retire.

Seminary professors were shown the door.

Even ministers who helped supervise students were no longer welcome.

Now, expect some college professors at Truett-McConnell to be looking for work. Associated Baptist Press reported that math professor Roy Hardy told the Georgia Christian Index that he agreed with most but not all of the SBC statement, adding that he doesn’t think that it is infallible.

“I feel it goes well beyond the ‘essentials’ of the faith,” he said.

Hope Dr. Hardy has his resume updated.

The college’s decision forces professors in all disciplines to adhere to a theological document which likely resides outside their areas of expertise.

What does the Baptist Faith and Message have to do with Roy Hardy’s ability to teach Truett-McConnell students the finer points of Calculus?

How can adherence to the Baptist Faith and Message help an economics professor show students the intricacies of supply and demand?

Will devotion to the statement help English professors teach students how to write better?

According the college’s web site, among the degrees offered by the school is a bachelor of arts in humanities.

“The program of study develops in students the fundamental skills upon which all professions are built: reasoning, communication skills, critical thinking, logic and clarity of expression. The strong concentration in English courses provides students additional opportunities to strengthen their communication skills, clarity of expression and critical thinking abilities.”

Turns out those critical thinking abilities have to end where the Baptist Faith and Message begins.


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