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Scientology hits the SBC head-on in Nashville

Yes, the Southern Baptist Convention does regard Scientology as a cult.
Indeed, it did so before the ad above was placed with a paid insert this week in the Nashville Tennessean, hometown newspaper of the SBC headquarters.
About that “free personality test,” Baptist Press quite accurately says:

Though named the “Oxford Capacity Analysis,” the 200-question Scientology assessment was not developed by Oxford University nor does it have any tie to the famed university. The Scientology “personality test” is described by various Internet sources as a Scientology recruitment tool used worldwide on Scientology websites, in Scientology churches and in public settings such as fairs and festivals. It also has been criticized by psychologists as not a bonafide personality test.

Scientology isn’t new to Nashville. It has a Nashville Celebrity Center and is active in the community.
Nor is this a new face-off for the SBC North American Mission Board, which has several Web pages devoted to the fight.
Having the Baptist Press chime in this week may mean the SBC Executive Committee is taking the fight more seriously.
Hope so.

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January 8, 2010 - Posted by | Cults, SBC

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  1. Every month, there are anti-Scientology protests in Nashville. We’d love for other Nashvillians to join us in protest so that they know they’re not welcome here.

    Our next protest is Saturday, 23 January. We meet at the corner of 8th and Edgehill at noon. Information about future protests can be found at our Twitter — the username is nashanon.

    Any questions about the anti-Scientology movement can be posed to anon.nashville on Gmail.

    Comment by Allison | January 17, 2010

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