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Haiti outside Port-au-Prince

Repeating Islands, called to out attention by Janine Mendes-Franco, followed the Miami Heraled team to the town of Carrefore:

This town, which on Tuesday was the epicenter of the earthquake, is living in the epicenter of oblivion.

Gwenn Magine wrote:

Out today from the UN in Jacmel— statistics ON Jacmel, which is a city of 34,ooo…

* 1,785 homes completely destroyed
* 4410 homes partially destroyed
* 87 commercial businesses destroyed
* 54 schools destroyed
* 24 hotels destroyed
* 26 churches destroyed
* 5730 families displaced
* Death count approaching 3,000 (nearly 10%)

Pwoje Espwa – Hope In Haiti, wrote from les Cayes:

Food prices are skyrocketing, as predicted. There has been discussion of moving children form PAP to Espwa, and we are willing to take them; transportation is being worked out, and it is not known how many will come or when. Two orphanages have asked for help so we are working on the logistics of this now. We will need lots of money to do this work. Cash is still what we need the most.

Trying to get word out about their community, Logou Corner wrote:

Our work in Haiti focuses on long-term sustainable development. But with a crisis as deep and broad as a crushing and devastating earthquake, any organization, groups of individuals, and individuals themselves would be in a rescue mode utilizing whatever resources they would have at their disposal to help people out. As hurting Haitians continue to stream back to their towns and villages, we know that the earthquake fallout even after the immediate initial relief will be felt and endured all over Haiti for many years.

These blogs and others like them don’t give us Pat Robertson’s accursed land, but one rich in people somehow coping with the insurmountable and who need our help to continue.

The Global Voices Haiti Earthquake 2010 page is rich in additional resources about this complex nation where rescuers struggle to relieve widespread agony.


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