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Winter storms bury Cheyenne River Sioux in misery

South Dakota’s Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation is besieged by winter storms, “leaving about 30,000 residents in two communities without water, electricity or heat for at least a week,” and Bishop John Tarrant of the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota has appealed for emergency relief funds.

Cathy Lynn Grossman writes:

No photos or video of sweet suffering faces. No popular vacation landscape for a backdrop. No personal connective ties. Are those the reasons the natural disaster in the Great Plains has gone below our philanthropy radar?

Keith Olbermann appeals for help:


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  1. No images of suffering?
    These are the people who were supposed to have ‘vanished’ but haven’t. They are still facing cultural and ethnic genocide. They represent one of America’s darkest secrets.
    See Amenesty International’s report Maze of Injustice for some of the many issues facing Native Americans–from every one in three women being raped, mainly by NON-native men, to 85% unemployment on reservations where there are NO job opportunities, to the hightest rates of infant mortality, suicide, substance abuse and incarceration in the United States.
    These are the First Nations People who are enduring against all odds.

    Comment by 47whitebuffalo | March 11, 2010

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