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Marcial Maciel, molester of his own offspring?

Marcial Maciel, founder of Legion of Christ (LC) and the Regnum Christi (RC), is alleged in a Spanish-language interview with some of his illicit “family,” to have sexually molested his son and adopted step-son.

Giselle writes at Life-After-RC, “from a friend who speaks Spanish:”

First son recounts his abuse starting at age seven (including photos, for Maciel to keep as mementos). It got so bad that he became sexually confused and asked his dad if he could see a psychiatrist. MM says he knew a really good one in Spain and sends him over (to stay with “Auntie Norma” the other wife) and he begins counseling. That man quickly put him on all sorts of drugs — just as MM did with any Legionary in the ranks who began to have trouble, feeling poorly, depressed, insomnia, struggling with the miasma of insanity, etc.

There has always been drug use in Legion. It was part of MM’s way of operating — medicating men without prescriptions (using obedience to administer) and then if they crashed, they would be labeled as mentally unstable. All of this was on the exlegionaries discussion board — another reason it had to be shut down.

The Associated Press has a brief account and reports:

Mexican woman, Blanca Lara Gutierrez, told MVS radio’s Carmen Aristegui on Wednesday that Maciel had two sons with her during a 20-year relationship and sexually abused one of them — as well as a son she had earlier whom Maciel had adopted.

The sons appeared with her on the program and supported the allegations.

More here in the comments.

This month’s conclusion of the Apostolic Visitation [investigation] still beckons.

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  1. These latest revelations are appalling. That said, you should know that the Legionaries have published a letter sent to one of the children. This letter appeared in the Mexican press yesterday and the original (in Spanish) is on the Legion website ( The letter, from Fr. Carlos Skertchly L.C., denies Raul’s request for $26,000,000 to “keep quiet.” Knowing the way the Church has operated in the past, I would be inclined to think money would have already changed hands if the claims are valid. I am surprised that the “new” family has jumped so quickly to the media. Anyway, the Legion has their founders DNA on hand – so it should be an easy matter to prove the veracity of the paternity claim. Then they can act appropriately.

    Comment by The Monk | March 5, 2010

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