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Stewardship lost

The Guardian’s Juliette Jowit wrote:

For the first time since the dinosaurs disappeared, humans are driving animals and plants to extinction faster than new species can evolve, [Simon Stuart, chair of the Species Survival Commission for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature] has warned.

Conservation experts have already signaled that the world is in the grip of the “sixth great extinction” of species, driven by the destruction of natural habitats, hunting, the spread of alien predators and disease, and climate change.

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  1. Today, most evangelicals do not really believe in “replenishing the earth”. Their only concern is that conservation is a “liberal” idea. The selfish nature of our culture does not help. My fellow Baptists will not even discuss Creation Care. Their mantra being, “God gave it to us, we can use it all if we want.”
    In today’s political climate any thing the “liberals” seem to be for is seen as sacrilege. Conservative, well meaning Christians blindly obey the leaders of their faith without so much as consulting the Biblical perspective on such matters. If so in so is against it, I should be too.
    Maybe I am too skeptical, but I’ve found the only thing we should put our faith in is God; not some spokes person for a right wing agenda. As has been quoted in this blog, “Satan can pull someone off of the right side of the road just as he can the left.”

    Comment by James Haynes | March 8, 2010

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