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Richard Land echoed (or the echo)?

The Christian Coalition issued a statement yesterday which compared “Sunday, March 21, 2010,” when health reform was adopted, to “a very infamous day full of betrayal and deceit” like Japan’s “sneak attack on America at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.” And so on.

Did they steal that image from Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission chief Richard land? Who after all went on from his Pearl Harbor to forecast an electoral Battle of Midway (casting the Democrats in the role of the Japanese Imperial Navy), whereas the Christian Coalition took another path.

Coordinate it with him?

Or was the similarly ineloquent lack appropriate restraint merely perchance?


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  1. As someone whose father was wounded in the battle for the liberation of Luzon, I feel great anger at the extraordinary insensitivity and crass self-serving nature of such remarks. The men who gave their lives in the Pacific theater deserve far better. The men who carried lifelong physical and psychological wounds deserve far better. The men who served with valor and courage deserve far better. Our country deserves far better. Baptists deserve far better.

    Comment by Christa Brown | March 24, 2010

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