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Dear Pope Benedict XVI, a little Southern Baptist advice …

Christa Brown’sLetter to the Pope” strips the hide right off Southern Baptist Convention enabling of sexual predation by clergy who are so inclined.

She says, for example:

For starters, take a lesson from the Baptists and quit keeping so many records on your clergy. I know you’ve got that pesky little problem of Catholic canon law, which requires record-keeping. But since you’re the top-dog, why don’t you just issue some sort of edict?

You could just say, “No more record-keeping.”

That’s how it works in Baptistland. No records — no trace — no trouble.

Read the rest here.


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  1. Making background checks mandatory for leadership positions in a church should be manditory. At some churchs that do have this requirement some people for reasons unknown refuse. Enough said.

    Comment by jack | March 26, 2010

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