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Those children …

Paddy Doyle led us to this victim’s view of the historic lack of Roman Catholic clergy concern for the afflicted children:

The reason why the church covered up the abuse and moved priests about is because they did not blame the priests, they blamed the children. With this knowledge observe the reaction of church authorities. They look as if they would like to say it, but can’t.

And that is it. They can’t because they believe society is now over-sentimental about children and they would not be understood. This was confirmed to me when I met an old priest tucked away in a nursing home despite the fact he was not unwell.

At one point he suggested Cardinal Ó Fiaich should be canonised, I rejected the idea, pointing out he was involved in the cover-up of abuse.

The old priest said: “People should forgive him, after all we are prepared to forgive the children.” I asked: “Forgive the children what?”

He replied: “Their share of the blame.” Of course in that moment I realised he was himself an abuser, hidden away there.

The complete piece was originally published in the Irish Times under the headline, “Church blames Devil-inspired children.”


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