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Great Repentance Resurgence (GRR) hits a wall

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) repentance of “systemic, institutionalized, and historic negative attitudes toward women, races, and dissenters” called for by prominent African-American pastor SBC pastor Dwight McKissic was to involve electing a black SBC president this summer. That was to be Fred Luter, senior pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, who doesn’t plan to run [Associated Baptist Press]:


Luter said in an e-mail April 3 that McKissic isn’t the only person who has suggested that he seek office, but he has not agreed to be nominated. “There are a lot of guys throughout the convention who would like to see that happen,” Luter said. “I truly appreciate their trust and confidence in me, however that will not happen this year.”

GRR plan B? Or maybe move right on to debate over the Great Commission Resurgence?


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  1. There is a considerable amount of conversation on the Web about conversation
    on the Web about Darrell Gilyard
    , former protege of Paige Patterson, having abused his position and his church members. In no other organization would these charges be left untouched. There are too many people sucking on the same straw – that have been pulled along and placed in good jobs to challenge the status quo. This Club is too big but Fred Luters name is unblemished. Whoever is chosen to lead this Club is either going to be a Club Member or will be given the tools to unscramble this mess and get some new blood in place so an honest direction can be pursued. I don’t blame Fred Luter for not pursueing this position.

    Comment by jack | April 7, 2010

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