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Oh no, Rubio! From outRichardLandish to uh-oh?

Promoted by SBC ethics czar Richard Land as a credible 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mario Rubio is under Internal Revenue Service investigation.

The Miami Herald reports that Rubio is one of three former Florida Republican Party credit card holders being scrutinized for their alleged use of party credit cards to pay personal expenses.

Whether a full-fledged criminal investigation is merited has not been decided, and Rubio adviser Todd Harris told the Miami Herland, “There is absolutely nothing to this.”

The principal effect, as Talking Points Memo suggests, is likely to be on the dynamics of Rubio’s fight with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist for the Republican senatorial nomination, without which Rubio becomes another Land loser.

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  1. I havn’t seen Richard Land on the winning side of an issue for a long time and I hope his “kiss of death” doesn;t extend to the SBC itself which needs a lot of work. Could he have had time to attend Dr. Benjamin Hooks funeral yesterday in Memphis who was a lawyer, judge, civil rights worker as well as an ordained Baptist minister and a friend to many of all pursuasions. Sounds Ethical to me.

    Comment by jack | April 22, 2010

  2. This is just another step Land has taken to destroy historical Baptist principles. His idea of the Great Commission, is what he is paid to promote “conservative” values. He is either clueless or corrupt. His actions resemble the “factual” emails my Baptist friends send me about every other day.
    Am I just being skeptical, or should an individual in his position do a little research? I also wish my well meaning friends had the ethics to fact check the things passed on as truth.
    Our fellow evangelicals are dead set against Islam spreading across our nation by clerics that believe in a different god. How is this any different from Glenn Beck, a Mormon, preaching his ideas on Fox News? He believes not only in another god, but that he can become one. What is more blasphemous?

    Comment by James | April 23, 2010

  3. I don’t like Richard Land representing the SBC and me, and recommending who the SBC likes in a political race or what party means the most to him after considering ALL the issues. Every time you pick one side you alienate the entire other side even in minor issues. We need to understand what we came here to do and know the isle down the center of church is not there to divide us. Land couldn’t get a graham cracker handed to him thru the steel pickets at the White House. And he’s spending a lot of money to achieve this level of influence.

    Comment by jack | April 24, 2010

  4. Land has a meeting with Hispanics in Florida in June where he will show up as SBC’s great white faced representative who has all the answers for everybody. Same comment for any- if any, black religious gatherings he has ever attended. What’s the matter SBC you can’t find a person of color to represent us? All Show & No Go ! Translated for Ergun, that’s “All Mouthish & No Motorish” Maybe there’s room here for a 2-fer. And they wonder why they have problems.

    Comment by jack | April 24, 2010

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