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Noah’s Ark refound again

Chester Duggit, “retired panel beater from Castle Bromwich,” rocked the archeological community on its heels with the discovery of Noah’s Ark at Langley Hill [aerial view]:

Duggit informed us that he’d found a load of old rotting wood on Langley Hill, which when strategically placed, appear to form the outline of Noah’s Ark, complete with animal cages, water feeders, a broken tropical fish tank, and a rusty supermarket trolley, which Duggit assumes was used by Noah to ferry supplies of animal feed from a local Tesco store to the Ark.

When we pointed out that Langley Hill is a long way from Mount Ararat, Duggit explained that Noah was probably an economic refugee, who set sail in the Ark in search of agency work at the nearby BSA motorcycle factory.

Langley Hill is of course in England [read the entire spoof].

More seriously and similarly credible, an evangelical Christian Hong Kong filmmaker and Turkish scientists say, ABC News reports, that they have found Noah’s Ark encased in ice on Mount Ararat.

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